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Attention! Struggling small business owners in Southeastern Michigan...

"How To Easily Fix These 3 Profit-Killing Mistakes Robbing Your Small Business of $1000's EACH MONTH!"

Yes! Fix these 3 mistakes and you'll turn your struggling, barely-breathing, small business into a cash-producing empire that will turn your competitors... green with jealous envy!

Matthew D.
Serving SE Michigan Businesses

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

Be honest, is your business struggling? Have sales stagnated or, worse, declined?

Let's face it - businesses throughout Michigan, and especially southeastern Michigan, have been devastated by the brutal economy over the last few years. If you own or manage a thriving business in SE Michigan right now... CONGRATULATIONS... you're doing something right! Keep it up!

But if you're like thousands of other Michigan business owners you're business is suffering. Sales are in the toilet and the number of feet (a.k.a; paying customers) walking through your doors has been reduced to a trickle!

And to make a tough situation worse, today's governmental regimes, at every level and with very few exceptions, seem to be doing EVERYTHING within their self-appointed power to hogtie America's small business!

Do you agree?

Whether it is suffocating layers of taxes, business stifling regulation, or confusing, force-fed health-care fees, etc... everyday it seems America's small businesses are under attack. Personally, I find it disgusting and extremely un-American that most small business owners I know can't even read the money section of a newspaper without sipping on a bottle of Malox

Is this what you signed up for when you started your business? Do you often wonder... 'Is all the BS worth it?'

I'm here to tell you that hope is not lost! Not by a long shot!

Yes, most of our elected officials are fiscally brain-dead and a huge menace to small businesses. The good news is we have the opportunity to boot them out every other November at the voting booth. The bad news is... you need help now!

Am I right?

Relax. Take a deep breath. There is time to resuscitate your dying business. You're not flat-lined yet but, and there is no way to sugarcoat this, you MUST change the way you do your business...NOW!

Especially when it comes to your marketing and advertising.

Here's a hard truth...

"93% of all small business owners are making 3 MASSIVE
right now that may be costing their business

Are you part of the struggling 93%?

If so, you need help...fast! And I'm willing to help you for FREE! Seriously.

"Help me for free? What's the catch?"

No catch. Fact is, I am a huge believer in the 'Givers Gain' philosophy and, soon, I will want you to pay me a percentage of the extra business our joint efforts bring in but the job at hand, right now, is to get your business growing again!


Of course, this offer is on a 'first come, first serve' basis. If you would like my help you need to act fast and do this now...

Complete the simple form below! I will immediately email you an application (really its a 14 question survey telling me a little about your business) and a copy of my 27 page report - "3 Fatal Marketing Mistakes Killing Your Small Business Profits!" (If you do nothing else... read this free report and apply the information!)

Don't give up on your business dreams yet. Or settle for a mediocre, just-scrapping-by business. You legacy deserve more!

Here are 5 things you and I need to do right now...

  1. You - Complete the simple form below NOW

  2. Me - I will give you immediate access to my FREE report and the Application (Call it an application, a questionnaire, a survey, whatever.)

  3. You - Complete the application honestly and email it back to me.

  4. You - Read "3 Fatal Marketing Mistakes Killing Your Small Business Profits!" immediately! Not tomorrow, not next week...NOW! Success belongs to those that take action!

  5. Me - I will review your application within 36 hours (promise!) and provide you feedback. If I am not totally swamped by this offer I will definitely give you and your business a free helping hand.

Important: Completing the form below or submitting the application I will then send you does NOT obligate you to ANYTHING! You owe me nothing and can tell me to kiss off at anytime. Of course, my desire is to help you but if my schedule does not allow it or you turn out to be a royal PITA (Pain in the a**) then it may be me telling you goodbye. Fair enough?

Good! Take the first step below, complete the form and let's start building your dream business together!

Complete this simple form now!

"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped." Tony Robbins

Talk to you soon.

P.S. Every legitimate company adheres to a 'Mission Statement', a paragraph stating the company's purpose for existing. Here is mine in a nutshell...

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